Know About The Different Types Of Needles

Needles are widely used in the medical field for various purposes. They are mostly made of stainless steel and tend to be hollow inside.

Speaking of needles, they are different types available. They are mainly differentiated based on their diameter and lengths. Typically, needles may vary from 1/2 an inch to 3 inches. If you want to know about the types of needles, you should give this article a read.


What are the different types of needles?

Needles are used by medical professionals. There are different types of needles, each of which is used for a particular purpose. We have explained some of the most common types of needles below:

  1. Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles are the most common types of needles used by medical professionals. These needles are cylindrical and are hollow from the inside. They are mainly used with syringes to inject various drugs and substances into patients. Not just that, but they can be used or extract blood or other body fluids as well.

For example, when you go for blood testing, they extract blood you’re your body using a hypodermic needle. The main advantage of using these types of needles is that they are very quick. They also reduce the risk of any possible contamination or infection.

  1. Huber Needles

Huber Needles are special types of needles that are used to reach the ports implanted under the skin of patients. This allows them to reach the veins for withdrawing blood, medicines, blood products, nutrient fluids, and imaging solutions.

These types of needles are designed to penetrate the port. They are designed in such a way that they don’t dislodge or cut any silver or silicone cores from the ports to which they are put.

  1. Dialysis Fistula Needles

Next, we have Dialysis Fistula Needles. They form a very important link between the dialysis machine and the patient. This is why they need to be of the highest quality.

A dialysis fistula needle should be comfortable and safe to use. Along with that, they need to have optimized biocompatibility, flow-geometry, and consistent high quality.

  1. Spinal Needles

Lastly, we have spinal needles. These types of needles are widely used for spinal anesthesia. They are typical, made up of high-quality, flexible material.

You can use spinal needles for lumbar puncture as well. These needles are different from the other types of needles.

So these are some of the most common types of needles used in the medical field. Each of these needles is designed to fulfill specific requirements. Some are used for injecting and drawing fluids, while some others are used for spinal anesthesia. It is very crucial to use the right type of needles for the right medical activity. Besides the type of needles, you also need to choose the right needle size. For instance, the needle size that you use for adults, you cannot use for kids. You need to choose the needle size based on the patient’s age, condition, and other requirements.