How Does Melanotan Work on Your Body?

In western culture, tanned skin is considered attractive. Millions of Americans use tanning methods to darken their skin. People love to look at their skin when it is bronzed. Some of the indoor tanning methods include tanning beds and tanning lamps.

People use indoor techniques to avoid the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. Recently the use of melanin injections has become common. Melanotan I and II are two types of injections used.

The injections mimic a hormone of your body that encourages your skin to produce a particular pigment known as melanin. Today we would tell you how these injections work on your body to give you a tanned look.

How Melanotan injections work?

Melanotan I and II are the popular tanning injections used all over the world. Both of these injections work by duplicating the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone of your body. This hormone is bound to the melanocortin receptors and they are responsible to enhance the production of melanin pigment inside the skin cells.

The more melanin the cells produce, the darker you become. Melanotan I stay on in your body for a longer duration than Melanotan II before the enzymes break them down. In medical terms, Melanotan I is called afamelanotide.

Melanotan II connects with a wide range of receptors but has a shorter life span inside your body as compared to Melanotan I. This is how both the injections work on your body and makes your skin look darker. You can easily buy them from online stores.

Benefits of using Melanotan for tanning

Melanotan injection is a sunless tanning treatment and there are various benefits of using this method. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Minimum exposure to the sun– Melanotan injections make sure that you get the desired tan color on your skin without getting exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. This method would require the use of some sun exposure, but the exposure would be minimal. There would be no adverse effects on the skin due to the sunlight. Hence, this method involves fewer health risks.
  • Flexible and easy– Melanotan treatment is flexible because you can start with small doses. It is advised to consult with a doctor before you start taking the dosage. You need to be regular with the doses until you achieve the expected tan shade on your skin. When you get the perfect tan, the dosage and timing of the medicine would be reduced significantly.
  • Long-term results– The results of Melanotan would last for longer durations. To ensure that it lasts longer, you would have to be regular with the doses even during the maintenance phase. When you stop the dose, the effect of Melanotan would last for multiple months and gradually would tend to vanish. After a few months, you will be left with your natural skin tone.

Melanotan medications are crafted in such a way that would expedite the tanning process with very minimal exposure to the sun. It ensures that you can get the right skin share without any sunburn. With Melanotan, there are no chances of getting skin problems.